Ripley Rader, a Los Angeles based women's contemporary fashion designer, started the #millionmaskchallenge and decided to personally make 100 masks in one weekend.

She then pushed herself harder by challenging her online community to join the cause and dust-off their sewing machines and make as many masks as they could for those in need.

Overwhelmed by the response on both fronts – from the amount of people inspired to start contributing and the amount of nurses and healthcare workers in desperate need of masks, they decided to start producing more attractive and less sterile looking pieces and selling them online with the directive of donating 2 of their masks for everyone they sold at their retail locations.

Here at Lux918, we wanted to do something positive for our own local community and are proud to say that we will be donating FDA Approved Medical Grade PPE to Medical and other Non-Profits serving on the Front Lines, for every mask we sell through our online outlets. And to take it one step further, our donation pledge will be for every mask we sell regardless of Designer or Style.